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The Dottie Awards honors the accomplishments of Northern California-based businesses, governmental agencies, organizations and individuals that represent the most creative, innovative, and user-friendly Web sites on the World Wide Web. This year’s awards ceremony was held at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento. Judging for the Dottie Awards is conducted by a panel of industry experts with substantial expertise in their given fields. Teams of judges review and evaluate every site using five criteria: purpose, content, navigation, design, and construction.

This site offered a lot of interesting functionality from the nomination process, to the voting tabulation and the final judging. The nomination app allowed anyone to submit their favorites to any category. Voting limitations were handled by a specialized routine to help reduce any gaming of the system. Final judging was done online and through the website so the judge could view the site and mark the score for each criteria from one window.

Written by John Wicks.